A birthday labyrinth walk...

It starts, in the beginning, with an intention: 

"I want this walk to symbolize the year that is ahead."

It continues with awareness.

There's a stick on my path blown down by a recent storm. I pick it up, and laugh at how I am still playing "pick-up-sticks" three days after the storm.

The voice within says, "Play!"

I walk a little further and notice more small sticks in my path. Not obstacles. They are gifts. They are beautiful.

"Each stick on your path represents a positive experience that awaits you this year. An accomplishment. A connection. A lesson learned. Pick up what you can," the voice says.

I pick up more along the way. Some are frozen to the ground and are harder to pick up. Others hit snags, but remain in my growing pile. Each one filling me with a sense of gratitude.

I arrive in the center of my labyrinth and align myself with true North. I close my eyes and enjoy the silence.

"Balance. Ease. Abundance."

I return to the path filled with gratitude for the moment. After a few steps, I notice a stick I had missed before. Then another. Then another.

"Your gratitude is a multiplier. You see more, and you receive more, when your heart is full."

Today, my heart is full. I want you to know how grateful I am that our paths have crossed and that you have taken this moment to connect with me and be part of my journey.

Want to go deeper together? Join me and all my friends in The What If UP Club. Together, we are stepping into life with intention, with awareness, and with gratitude. 

Wishing you love and light for the path before you...