The Greatest Gifts...

With the holidays just around the corner, you may already be feeling the impending stress of the season. 

Did you know that here in the United States, 48 million people are still paying off credit card debt from the 2018 holiday season?  And, on average, this year our holiday budgets are even bigger than they were last year. 

Imagine: What if there's another way?

What if, this holiday season, we begin by grounding ourselves in the value of intangible things:  love, connection, kindness?

What if we claim our worth in the generosity of our spirit, without equating this to the size of our wallets?

What if we claim our power in our financial life and enter into 2020 without the burden of additional debt?

I shared with you a couple weeks ago that my friend Dawn has brought together an AMAZING series of over 20 interviews called Building Women’s Worth: Creating Lasting Wealth, From the Inside Out.

Tomorrow is the last day, but Dawn said I could share the link to her private Facebook group where you can access all the recordings... including my talk about the power of "What If"!

There's no charge to participate (and yes, guys, you can join in, too!). So snuggle up this weekend in front of the fireplace and catch up on some fabulous tools and tips to take on the holidays (and the year ahead) with a healthy mindset, a recognition of your own inherent worth, and an informed commitment to your ongoing financial well-being.

Let's take on the holidays this year sharing the richness of our hearts and remembering that the greatest gift you have to offer is simply being you.

Yes, really. That's enough.
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Celebrating your awesomeness every single day,
Mindy Audlin
Author of "What If It All Goes RIGHT?"